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1 September, 2015

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Slam City Oracles is a rambunctious, riot grrrl, Katamari-meets-Grand Theft Auto physics game, in which you and a friend slam onto the world around you to cause as much chaos as possible in two minutes. Your score is based on the number of objects you send flying at a given time. The harder you slam something, the more likely it is to go spinning and flying away--and that velocity is directly tied to the score it gives you. So slam as much stuff as hard as you can!


Slam City Oracles was the result of a collaboration between two NYC women in games: Jane Friedhoff and Jenny Jiao Hsia. SCO was originally commissioned by the NYU Game Center for No Quarter 2014, and has been on the road ever since. With a rollicking riot grrrl-inspired mechanic designed and programmed by Jane, bright and adorable art by Jenny, and an upbeat soundtrack by Brooklyn-based, women-fronted rock band Scully, SCO is a gleeful, delightful slam-em-up.


  • Sprawling world packed full of bright, cute, mischievous art
  • Designed exclusively for local multiplayer play
  • Dizzying and delightful physics and explosions
  • 50 achievements to unlock for extra challenge


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Awards & Recognition

  • "Shown at The Museum Of The Moving Image's Well Played series" NYC, 2015
  • "Commissioned for New York University's No Quarter" NYC, 2014

Selected Articles

  • "Remember how playing Katamari Damacy felt? [...] One new game shown in New York City last week is sort of like that PS2 classic but with one big difference: you're slamming yourself into the world as hard as you can, over and over."
    - Evan Narcisse, Kotaku
  • "[It] makes you feel like you're part of a girl squad rocking up to clear out all the plaid-shirt beardos[.]"
    - Leigh Alexander, Offworld
  • "[F]eeling like a bad ass is the side dish and fucking shit up is the main course."
    - Kaira Zenine Villanueva, The Mary Sue
  • "SCO's sense of play and impact feels like exactly what the teen girl experience in games needed."
    - Jess Joho, Kill Screen
  • "Super Smash Sisters. [...] When you want to smash all the patriarchy and feel thwarted, play this game. You will feel better when your two minutes are up."
    - Ali, Autostraddle
  • "[A]dorable and gleefully fun[.]"
    - Michael Rougeau, Animal New York

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"Dana" and "Deny" available from scully.nyc.

About Jane Friedhoff

Jane Friedhoff is a game designer and creative technologist who loves making games that encourage silly and absurd behaviors in public spaces. She co-founded the Code Liberation Foundation, which provides free, trans-inclusive, women-only game design and programming classes. She graduated with her MFA in Design and Technology from Parsons in 2013. Her portfolio includes Slam City Oracles, 2nd Amendment, and Scream 'Em Up. Her games and interactive pieces has been shown at a wide variety of events, including Babycastles, NYU's No Quarter, Different Games, Come Out and Play, Indiecade, GDC, and E3, and her academic work has been published in DiGRA. If a project involves screaming, awkwardness, or dance parties, she’s probably into it.

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Slam City Oracles Credits

Jane Friedhoff
Designer & Coder

Jenny Jiao Hsia


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