Let's make it happen.

My name is Jane Friedhoff. I'm an interdisciplinary creative technologist, artist, and independent game developer, intent on blurring the lines between as many media and genres as I can.

My work focuses on how we can explore and push the affordances of a given medium--new or old, digital or analog--to create new, unusual, and surprising relationships between people. I work on both the practical and theoretical ends of technology: from delivering open source code to publishing peer-reviewed academic papers.

From 2013 to 2016 I worked at The New York Times R&D Lab. After that, I worked at The Office For Creative Research, a hybrid research group that worked at the intersection of technology, culture and education to create tools and experiences that humanized data.

Since then, I've been a contract creative technologist with the Google Creative Lab.

I am frequently available for public speaking, commissions, and consulting. Shoot me an email: jane.friedhoff@gmail.com.

You can see my CV here. I also write occasionally here.

Here are some of my favorite projects.